Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. Wentworth, NH

Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. in Wentworth, NH  builds perhaps the strongest and most secure bicycle racks on the planet. In the fall of 2013 I produced a series of videos for this company. They were strategically placed on the top of their website by Charlesworks of Peterborough, NH. Please take a look at their videos below. To speak with Tom about building a bike rack, please give him a call at (603) 786-2757 or (800) 545-2757. You can also reach Tom be e-mail at [email protected]

BIKE SECURITY RACKS CO., INC. WELCOME by TOM SAWYER Released 10-30-2013 This piece was shot with my Sony NEX VG 20 using an 18-200 mm kit lens. Audio was done with a Zoom H4N.


BIKE RAIL Released 10-30-2013 This piece was filmed on the campus of the Harvard Business School in November of 2013