Early Morning on Mud Pond

Early Morning Filming on Mud Pond, Dublin, NH

From childhood, I have been involved with some form of film. In the 1960s, I worked with 16mm black and white film to record Alpine ski races and in the 1980’s, I began editing and producing bicycle racing videos and commercial footage for corporate training and instruction. I now produce web-based videos and TV commercials for my clients. During the summer of 2014, I produced a 27 minute piece for the Monadnock Art/ Friends of the Dublin Art Colony organization for their 19th Annual Open Studio Art Tour. This project featured interviews from several local artists and craftspeople to showcase how their creative processes are translated into tangible finished products. It was shown this past summer on Cheshire TV and can now be viewed on the Community Based/Monadnock Arts page in this website. On October 10th, a screening of “Vanishing America” was shown at the Moviehouse Gallery in Millerton, NY. This an autobiographical style documentary was a collaboration with artist Jeffrey L. Neumann.