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While Massachusetts is among the least rural states in the U.S., nearly 10 % of its 950,000 public school students attend schools in rural communities that are significantly underfunded relative to urban schools



It’s a Beautiful Day in New Hampshire

This film, produced by my wife Shelly and myself, is a tribute to Norman C. Wakely who died Oct. 24, 2016, in Portland, ME. He was born in Lisbon Falls, May 7, 1927, to Charles Jack and Genieva Trufant Wakely.

In 1956, he became the assistant headmaster at Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, NH where he was later appointed as headmaster in September 1963. During his tenure as headmaster until 1989, Norman C. Wakely and his wife Beverly Bradford Wakely helped develop Cardigan Mountain School into one of the finest boarding school for students 6th through 9th grade in the world and it remains so today.

This film required several interviews from numerous friends, students and former faculty and involved over 2,000 miles of travel. It was initially shown at his memorial service on June 4th, 2017 to his family, hundreds of students, faculty, former faculty and many dear friends.

As an educator and administrator, Norman C. Wakely defined the essence of compassion, charisma and optimism.

In the words of former faculty member Jeffrey D. Hicks, “He set the bar for headmaster-ship…a high bar.