Services & Fees

Mount Greylock, September 26, 2015 2nd

 Fees for my services are a reasonable $45.00 per hour for all organization, set building, on-site video recording, post-production editing and distribution. Additionally, I will always give a ceiling price and I will hold to that agreed price.


Promotional Web-Based Videos

These brief yet effective web-based productions are very effective in getting potential customers to understand you, your staff and your services. These promotional videos can be placed on your website and delivered via YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® as well as DVDs, Blue Ray Discs, SDHCV cards and Flash Drives.

Documentaries and Interviews

This service includes on-site recording, writing, editing as well as transcribing for Word® and PDF documents.

Instructional and Training Videos

It is often more useful and productive to carefully view a procedure than it is to read a text guide. Additionally, high quality video instruction lends itself to doing a better job in promoting products than catalog descriptions.

Special Events Videos

This service includes recording your special event (birthday, graduation, a school play, etc.) and working with your input for editing revisions that eventually lead to a fine finished product.

PowerPoint Presentation Videos

I can transform your PowerPoint using better visuals and get rid of the bullet points.

Broadcast Quality Commercials

I can build 15 or 30 second spot commercials and deliver them in most acceptable broadcast format.

VHS to DVD or computer file transfers

I can import the contents of VHS tapes, edit this content and produce DVDs, Blue Ray and/or files on flash drive or external hard disk for your computer.