Fees & Services


 Fees for my video production services and photography are $65.00 per hour for all organization, set building, on-site video and aerial recording, post-production editing and distribution. Additionally, I will always give a ceiling price and I will hold to that agreed price.


Promotional Web-Based Videos

These brief yet effective web-based productions are very effective in getting potential customers to understand you, your staff and your services. These promotional videos can be placed on your website and delivered via YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® as well as DVDs, Blue Ray Discs, SDHCV cards and Flash Drives.

Broadcast Quality Commercials

I can build 15 or 30 second spot commercials and deliver them in most acceptable broadcast formats. 

Interviews and Short Documentaries

This service includes on-site recording, writing, editing as well as transcribing the verbal content in Microsoft Word Files and PDF documents for archival purposes.

Instructional and Training Videos

These high quality video instructions are often more useful and productive than documents and manuals alone. I carefully record a procedure and collaborate with the developer to craft a high quality video instructional video that can be modified and upgraded over time. 

Aerial Videography and Photography

New England Drone Productions is the aerial component of Farrell Video Productions. As an FAA licensed commercial drone pilot, I take my professional flying of drones very seriously. As a video producer and photographer, aerial filming with drones has integrated beautifully into my craft. What I now produce for my clients is beyond anything I could ever achieve in the old Cessna. My drones allow me to produce cost effective videos and photos for my clients that have great impact. My drone practice includes (but is not limited to) capturing footage and photos for Web-Based Promotions, Broadcast Quality TV commercials, Real Estate Photography, Special Events/Sports Video and Photography, Mapping and 3D Modelling using DroneDeploy®.

These services include recording special events and sports and working with your input for editing revisions that will eventually lead to a promotional piece or a lasting memory.

VHS to DVD or computer file transfers

I can import the contents of VHS tapes, edit this content and produce DVDs, Blue Ray and/or files on flash drive or external hard disk for your computer. Also, I can scan negatives , photographs and slides and produce high resolution files.