Fine Photography


Whenever I go on a video assignment in New England, I usually avoid the Interstate highways and used secondary paved and many dirt roads. If I see a landscape that “needs” recording, I pull the car over, shut the engine off and pull out one of my cameras. A trip that takes most people an hour takes me three or four, depending on the photo opportunities. Lately, I’m now finding myself doing as much photography work as video shoots. My major client, Berkshire East Mountain Resort has six businesses and the Resort’s Facebook pages need current and reflective photographs daily as well as short informational videos. While I have a strong background working with black and white images with darkroom equipment, learning all of the possibilities with Adobe Photoshop was like being handed the keys to a Ferrari. It’s a work in progress and I learn something new with each photograph.

Mount Greylock, September 26, 2015

“Mount Greylock, September 26, 2015” (Used for my business card)


“Mount Greylock at Sunset, October 10, 2016”


“Western Slope of Peak Ridge, Hawley, MA, October 10, 2016”

Christ Church, Guilford, Vermont December 19, 2015

“Christ Church, Guilford, Vermont, December 19, 2015”

Marlow, New Hampshire April 16, 2014

“Marlow, New Hampshire, April 16, 2014”


“Anything is Possible”, Ruby Bridges and Dana Warren, Feb 2, 2018