NOVEMBER Released 12-07-2014 My idea for this piece came from landscape painter Dave Dodge of Peterborough, NH. A year ago, Dave was showing me one of his paintings of a scene painted after the foliage season and before the first snow. I casually remarked that while it was interesting, it seemed to be devoid of any color. Dave went on to say that it was one of his favorite times to paint and that there are many colors that are perhaps more subtle because of the lighting at that time of year and that the lack of foliage opens up an uncovered “simple beauty.”

A year later, I was returning from a day long video shoot in western Massachusetts and decided to meander back on the old dirt roads toward my home in Dublin, NH. As dusk approached, I looked at the landscape and remembered Dave’s painting. I recorded these scenes on the Thorndike Pond Road on the town line between Jaffrey and Dublin as the sun was trying to poke its way as it was setting beneath the clouds surrounding Mount Monadnock.


Music: “Simple Beauty” by Jacob LaVallee. Licensed through Audio Jungle.