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I’ve moved to Charlemont, MA, one of the most beautiful areas on the planet (see picture above) where I’ll be filming and editing for Berkshire East Mountain Resort. I accepted an offer to work as their Director of Communications to ensure that the Resort’s websites and the local television stations are currently updated with quality video content.

Through an agreement with the owners, I’ll be able to continue to work with clients on a limited basis. Please e-mail me to discuss your needs needs at bill@farrellvideoproductions.com or call my office at (413) 339-5337 or text or call me on my cell phone at (603) 252-5904.

I produce well-crafted, high definition video content that can be embedded on your website, YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® as well as other media including DVD, Blue Ray Disc, SDHCV cards and Flash Drives. These videos range from short web-based promotions through instructional and training videos. Using on-line video gives my clients, and their customers a better understanding of who they are, what they do and how best they can be served. My work is reasonably priced and I work closely with qa limited number of clients through all stages of production.

Bill Farrell, Farrell Video Productions, PO Box 31, Charlemont, MA 01339   bill@farrellvideoproductions.com  

(413) 39-5337 office, (603) 252-5904 cell

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Video of the week of June 21, 2015. Each week I try feature a different video from our collection.

A Little “Dancing” on the Blue Jump Trail…I took my gear up to do some more filming of the soon to open Thunder Mountain Bike Park and met U-Mass student and Hopkington, MA resident Kyle Missaggia as he gracefully “danced” his way down our Blue Jump Trail. What a great young athlete!