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Updated on August 29, 2015…I’m currently editing a piece on Berkshire East Mountain Resort’s 900kWh wind turbine and their 500 kWh solar field.


Please e-mail me to discuss your needs needs at bill@farrellvideoproductions.com or call my office at (413) 339-5337 or text or call me on my cell phone at (603) 252-5904.

I produce well-crafted, high definition video content that can be embedded on your website, YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® as well as other media including DVD, Blue Ray Disc, SDHCV cards and Flash Drives. These videos range from short web-based promotions through instructional and training videos.

My work is reasonably priced and I work closely with a limited number of clients through all stages of production.

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Video of the week of August 23, 2015. Each week I try feature a different video from my collection.

“Welcome to Berkshire east Mountain Resort with Kelly Skinner” I did this piece with Kelly Skinner a member of the Marketing Team at the Berkshire east Mountain Resort. Kelly was a Division I Alpine skier at St. Lawrence University.