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Bill O’Riordan Gives a Heartfelt Welcome to the

Saint Michael’s High School Class of 1967

This short film was done at the Northampton, MA Country Club. In 1967, Bill had visions of becoming the next Christy O’Connor Sr., however he¬†was denied entry because he was a young Irish- Catholic boy who refused to conform to the club’s strict dress code. Being part of the Irish working class, Bill’s golfing wardrobe consisted of cut-off dungarees and a single pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor low cut sneakers.

Bill was a descendant of Irish immigrants who changed their name from O’Riordan to Reardon in order to better assimilate into the American “Melting Pot”. Being the quintessential rebel and protester, Reardon soon changed his family’s name back to its Irish heritage of O’Riordan and he went on to become a powerful and very successful political campaign manager in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

He is now both welcomed and revered by the members and staff of the Northampton Country Club and because of his softening political views and his sense of forgiveness, he became the driving force in getting our 50th reunion to be held at the Northampton Country Club.