A few of my recent productions

I recently produced this aerial filming project of the Bennington Battle Monument in southwestern Vermont  
Shelburne Falls  While Shelburne Falls, MA has a long history as a manufacturing center, it has now transitioned with many tourist related businesses as well as a thriving arts community
Savage Farms, Deerfield, MA  In 1910, John Ardziewicz (pronounced Ard…Zay…Vitch) purchased a small, 25 acre farm on the Lower Road in Deerfield Massachusetts. Eventually, the Ardziewicz family changed their surname to Savage and for over 100 years, the family now in its fourth generation, has built a thriving agricultural enterprise with over 800 acres of potatoes, rotational crops and a commercial sod and turf operation.
Massachusetts Coalition of Rural Schools   While Massachusetts is among the least rural states in the U.S. and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 10% of its 950,000 public school students attend school in rural communities. Within the natural beauty of these rural communities, an educational funding crisis, that began during the late 1990s, has been quietly reaching epidemic proportions throughout much of Western Massachusetts and Cape Cod.