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Millerton Moviehouse

by Kevin T. McEneaney of the Millerton Independent.

 “At the Millerton Moviehouse on October 10 at 5 pm., the opening reception for painter Jeffrey L. Neumann was packed—standing room only for viewing the half-hour documentary “Vanishing America.” This filmed tribute to his work, produced and directed by William L. Farrell of Farrell Video Productions, presented a biography of Neumann along with his recent paintings. Quite frankly, I expected to be bored by the documentary, but was enchanted, not only by the articulate, lively story line, but also by the attention to voice inflection by Neumann in the documentary. Farrell told me it took about twenty takes over about a year to edit the work into its polished surface. Farrell, who greatly impressed me, has completed many documentaries of painters.”


Video of the week…“November”…I filmed these clips near Page Road in Dublin, NH back in 2014. It was the last time that Riley, our beloved Golden Retriever of 14 years was able to go filming with me. She died a few months later.

While November is often referred to as the “off season” by many tourists because they say it is devoid of color after a spectacular foliage season, I was inspired by Peterborough, NH landscape artist, Dave Dodge to see it differently. While I was looking at one of Dave’s “off season” paintings, Dave told me that when the canopy is gone, the late autumn light penetrates the forest and reveals a subtle beauty not realized at any other time of the year.

Shelly and I plan to return to live and work in the Dublin area next spring.